Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Welcome to C-log!


Welcome to C-log, the weekly Gone Girl Comics Blog by Noel Franklin.  I’ll be reporting from Seattle, WA every Tuesday about comics, art, the creative process, fellow cartoonists and the communities we weave.

June 25th marks the one-year anniversary of my first mini comic - Gone Girl Comics, Issue #1 - Some Seattle Stories.  While this was my first serious comics effort, I consider it a marriage of the years I spent jumping back and forth between visual and literary arts.  Bringing images and words together with the goal of making great comics felt RIGHT, and that's what I'll be doing from here on out.

By way of introduction, Gone Girl Comics is a self-published mini-comic that I plan to produce annually.  It contains comics short stories loosely based around a theme.  The first one, "Some Seattle Stories," was selected because of a drawing I created of the OK Hotel - a performance venue that featured prominently in my life in the mid-90s.  The initial drawing inspired me to complete a graphic history of the venue and also explore the incredible energy from that time in comics form.

I had only drawn less than 10 pages of comics prior to beginning Gone Girl Comics #1, so I stayed away from stories of substance - mostly.  I was afraid I wouldn't do them justice, as my skills aren't fully developed yet.  However, at the last minute, I created something of a tribute story for Joaquin Tavares, a Seattle musician who was murdered in 2006.  It's called "Seeing Stars," and you can view it here.

I've been busy since Gone Girl Comics' debut.  2014 will see my first print publications in newspapers, journals and anthologies.  The pending publications (which you can check out here on my website) are part of why I'm kicking off C-log.

I do plan on writing about much more than my own art and want to foster a creative dialogue, SO, feel free to post thoughts, questions and ideas in the comments section below. 

ALSO, hang in there with me as I learn the technology.  If there are glitches on the blog or on www.noelfranklin.com I will try to catch them and fix them as fast as I can.

See you next Tuesday! 

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