Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rock Is Not Dead! Hometown Heroes Comes to Life!!

Rock Is Not Dead. 
The Anthology.  The Album!
Now available on pre-sale from 11th Dimension
Press at:  http://ow.ly/Z8nC5http://ow.ly/Z8nC5

Rock Is Not Dead

In a year where we have lost countless awesome musicians to the Grim Reaper, I am happy to be part of the anthology Rock is Not Dead.

The project is ambitious.  The anthology collects stories and comics inspired by Rock and Roll songs.  Simple enough, right?  But the publisher decided to pay for the rights to the music and are putting out a companion CD of cover versions for each song the stories are inspired by.

I collaborated with fellow cartoonist Mark Campos to create a story inspired by the Throwing Muses song, Not Too Soon.  The lovely and talented artist Cait Willis agreed to model for the story, which is entirely set in Seattle's historic Egyptian Theatre, and international recording artist Amy Denio recorded a spooky cover version of the song.

The comic is full color and features a full range of styles.  If you are a lover of music or comics, you want this!  It is available on presale through indiegogo here.

There's a new kid in Seatown!
Check out Hometown Heroes on Facebook or the World Wide Web.

Hometown Heroes, Launching 4/8/2016

Speaking of things that rock...there is a new comics event coming to Seattle this year.  It's called Hometown Heroes, happening Friday, April 8 at 6:30 to 11 PM.

That's right, those of you who just double-checked your Emerald City Comicon schedules.  Hometown Heroes is happening on the same weekend as the industry juggernaut known as Comicon.  But it's an event of an entirely different stripe.  It's free of charge, features only local independent comics creators and is low-pressure.  Founder Casey Silver describes it as a one-night local comics pop-up shop/art show.  Creators will be present, but free to roam as you pay for your awesome local finds at a check out station.

I'll be at Hometown Heroes, and I'm hoping A LOT of people come down to check it out and make the event a success.  NEVER FEAR Comicon attendees, Hometown Heroes is also just down the street from the Convention Center - at 1927 events near the corner of 3rd and Olive Way - so you can have your big comics cake and fulfill your minicomics cravings too.

I'll have free postcards for the Rock Is Not Dead
anthology at both Hometown Heroes, Fri 4/8
and Emerald City Comicon, Sun 4/10

Emerald City Comicon, 4/10

I will also be attending and tabling Emerald City Comicon on Sunday, April 10th as the winner of last year's I Heart Comic Art competition hosted by Ladykiller Promotions. 

You can find me there for sales and signings at the I Heart Comic Art table, located in the Artist Alley, Booth L:13.  I'll only be there on Sunday of the event, from 12:30 to 2:15 PM.

If you've already got passes, come by and say hello!  I don't have a lot of new work to sell - I've been drawing like crazy, but it's been for anthologies, art shows or on the graphic novel.  

HOWEVER, I will have a free postcard for the Rock Is Not Dead anthology to hand you, and a special edition of my Czech horror/folk tale, Jezinkas as well as Gone Girl Comics #1 and 2 will be for sale.

See ya there!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Hurt That Heals

Update #1:  

Thinking about my 2015/2016 in terms of John Porcellino's "The Hospital Suite" gives me hope I can turn this thing around, yet.

Update #2:

In a long late night conversation with Mark Campos, we came up with the idea mining the wound hard enough for the art might just retrieve the bullet and allow you to heal.  And maybe the bullet is diamond pointe and maybe the wound shines like glass on a ruby lake.  

At least it only took 'em 1 try
(as apposed to 8, yes 8!) to set the IV this time

This week's blog is going to be short and....sweet?  Not so much, as I've been spending more time in hospitals that outside of them over the last couple of months and last week was no exception.

Lets start out with some of the good parts.


Artist Jeff Milhalyo and Royal Room
co-owner Tia Matthies.
I wrote last week about my much-anticipated enjoyment of the OK Hotel Family Reunion.

Seattle's Royal Room, whose owners also ran the OK Hotel from 1987 - 2001, is a great venue.  The shows were perfectly booked, well attended and I sold a lot of my little illustrated histories of the venue.

I also got to acquire some art as well, in the form of a limited edition vintage calendar from back in the day, produced by the lovely and talented and full-hearted Jeff Milhalyo.

I attended 3 out of 4 of the nights before I fell ill again and was back in the hospital on Monday, just getting discharged this morning.

The Hurt that Heals.  If it doesn't kill 'ya.

Debbe Penne, whose death on the crash of Alaska Flight 261
is part inspiration for "Girl On The Road"

Don't get me wrong.  Art can be this amazing, joyful, fun activity that is a celebration of all good things.  But a lot of what I work with is dark material--things that have hurt me physically and/or emotionally in the past.  The graphic novel that I've working on is created from several of these incidents, and digging far enough into them to make a comprehensive, cathartic yet funny and page-turning story means feeling a lot of that hurt again.  

I'm starting to realize that the work going into the art is bigger than the art itself, and I'm going to need a lot of support around it.  It means building up this concept of self-care, which was completely foreign to me until I nearly killed myself from lack there-of.  And, of course, enjoying my friends who are still here.  I have this lovely creative community.  I may possibly be misguided by the notion that if you use art to cut deep enough into the wound, it might just heal you--and done well enough, heal others as well.  I have no proof of this hypothesis, but I'm working on it.