Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Killing Gone Girl

 Gone Girl Comics is Dead

I wrote last August about the origins of Gone Girl Comics (here).  The long and short of it is that I created a manuscript under the title of Gone Girl and failed to copyright it.

Now that there is a famous mystery novel and movie by that name, I don't want any confusion with the book's author or her intellectual property, so I'm killing the title Gone Girl in my images, books and web presence moving forward.

For the curious:  I did NOT receive a cease and desist letter, or encounter any other legal issues.  I'm just doing what makes sense to me for the long run.


New URLs All Around

I'm unifying everything webby under NoelFranklinArt and changing the blog and book title to Girl On The Road.  If you are reading this blog now, you've already found me - I've archived all the previous blogs here under noelfranklinart.blogspot.com and created a rudimentary redirect page at the old URL.

As much of a pain as this is, I'm happy to be doing it now and not later down the road.  A full list of my current social media links is building on the sidebar.  ==>

I will still be selling previously created copies of Gone Girl Comics #1 and #2 but will likely not self-publish more short stories collections anytime soon, as I'm focussing on a full-length graphic novel.

 Girl On The Road posts about comics, publication and community on Tuesdays.

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